I specialise in pet portraits!


My biggest canvas is 17cm x 22 cm. It is made of pine wood with a thickness of 1.7cm.

Each picture is applied onto wood using some of the traditional icon making steps: gesso, gilding, pyro-engraving and lacquering.


What I need are high resolution colour pictures of your pet's profile, looking up, looking down or facing the camera.

With regards to the scene setup there are 2 options:

  • You can let me know of an historical era you like or of a specific movie scene and I can work to your preferences or
  • You can let me imagine a background or scene according to the colour scheme of the picture I am working with and the details of your pet's personality.

Please note that it is often better not to incorporate too many details in the background as this may take away from the portrait.

I provide sample pictures of my work and once you are happy, the turn around time for these customizations is 1-2 weeks or less if I can.

The cost per customization is €96.00 and €12 courier delivery to Ireland (other countries please enquire).

If you want 2 pets in one picture, the cost is €140.00 plus delivery and 2 pets in 2 separate tableaux  are €188.00 plus delivery.

I look forward to hearing from you by email at: mariounette68@hotmail.com